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Out-Tasking is a type of outsourcing arrangement where selected services are provided by an external service provider. Out-Tasking can be differentiated from conventional whole of business outsourcing arrangements by their scope and by the responsibilities of each of the parties involved.

Mshah Technologies infrastructure operations management has many processes and tasks that are suitable for Out-Tasking. Ideally Out-Tasking services will be standardized and targeted for standard processes. The closer that both customers and providers align the greater the effectiveness and applicability of the services that can be provided.
Many organizations struggle with the complexity of their application portfolios and wonder how they can maximize the value those applications deliver. For those organizations that target individual applications that may be overly costly or complex to manage, Mshah can provide ongoing management of that application. M Shah provides support for either packaged applications (such as MySQL and Oracle) or custom applications.

Advantages of Mshah’s Out-Tasking

  • Leverage expensive skills across large customer base.
  • Low resistance to entry, particularly compared to outsourcing deals.
  • Leverage relationship once engaged Leads to supplementary opportunities.
  • Provide only the services that make good business sense.