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E-Portal Development

E-Portal is a powerful web-based interface that allows all users to access relevant data from a central source. It is using a password protected security to access the data from the database. Teachers can reach precise facts about students immediately, managers can access relevant figures for legal reports, learners can track their own performance and parents can check their children’s progress. Students can access to the online class from any part of the world. Students can review their class at any time.

It is also used to enter information directly into the database, making it a powerful tool for data management. Registration, behaviour events, changes to the timetable and a host of other information can be logged through a PC, laptop or PDA, updating the database immediately and ensuring all information is current.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy access from any internet connection.
  • Information is quickly and easily available to all who need it.
  • Parents can be more fully involved in their children education.
  • Learners can monitor their own progress.
  • Simple interface for easy data input.
  • Improves communications between stakeholders.