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Mshahtech Cloud Consulting services offer business organizations for implementing to build their cloud computing as a Private or Public.Complementing heterogeneous cloud products, cloud services furnished by Mshahtech On Demand by virtue of our partners Web Services, Mshahtech Consulting procedure to the implementation of Cloud computing environments is based on a realistic Framework.

The framework has five phases to drive your migration to cloud computing services. Mshahtech Expertise team will Consult first with you to work and help you in details with complete picture of cloud roadmap and thus we will pace up the system, incorporation, mechanization and optimization of your information technology environment.

Key Benefits

Each and every phase of the Mshahtech cloud consulting services framework outcomes in appreciable benefits, such as modernized style, growth of proficiency and reducing the cost cutting.
By significant Roadmap you can able to publish and recognize approach for cloud solution and for subsequent stages of framework. The Roadmap is specified in stipulation of architecture and services which will be based on Cloud platform.


common architecture able to minimize RISK and maximize AGILITY. Minimizing the number of distinct business dealers and maximizing the usage of a standard architecture across your business organization determine the result in a declined system prospect view and it is easy to manage and accelerated to organize new applications.


shared platform and shared infrastructure able to minimize COST and RISK. Integrated design leads to enhance usage of feasible resources which enables you to do numerous existing information technology estate.


Ability to enhance AGILITY and SPEED along with further COST minimization. Environments are managed and implemented in a shorter span of time frame.


Able to see the full fledge advantages of Cloud Computing. The former phases of Standardization, Mechanization and consolidation will empower your information technology policies and developments to be modernized. In meanwhile your Optimization may additionally recognize estimate back effectiveness.
After accomplishment of all phases of framework will boost your result in a varied skilled efficient information technology estate, with architecture built on industry standard and centralized platform that empowers applications to endure fast and can quickly adjusted to change of business requirements.