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· Systems

The main USP of Mshah is that we are not brand specific, which means we can provide solution using products from different vendors after detailed study of the requirement from the client and then come up with most suitable, technically compliant and cost effective solution. Given below are     few systems in which our team has experience dealing with them, but we can work on other systems too.

· Telephony

Communication is an integral part of human life and technology has advanced from wire line networks to wireless networks, we at Mshah can work on design and installation of scalable telephone networks.

· Data Network

We are living in times when we cannot imagine our life without computers for we can imagine offices without computer, Mshah can design and implement data network solutions as per the clients requirement be it structured cabling and active data network components.


In wireless communication with there are many technologies and Mshah can study and recommend technology which is suitable for the client and which is cost effective too.

· Hybrid Fiber Solutions, IPTV, CATV and MATV

Television connection can be IP based, fiber based and or a mixture of both the medium, Mshah can provide television system in hotels, and resorts etc. with the technology suitable for the customers.

· Satellites Communication

Not all places on this planet are covered with GSM or CDMA networks, so if there is requirement of telephone system which is away from the population, Mshah is capable to provide the service with the help of major vendor in the field.

· Aviation System

The life style of people has changed that we hear lot of people having their own private jets, this will require special systems for Aviation communication, Mshah with the help of leading vendors can provide Aviation system solutions.

· Weather Monitoring System

Mshah is partner with some of the leading vendors of the weather monitoring systems in the world, we hope it will help people to save lives.

· SDH, PDH and OTN

Transmission system is the backbone of any telecom network Mshah can provide optimized transmission system, be it on microwave or fiber with different technologies like PDH, SDH and OTN.

· Data center and Control rooms

With availability of videos etc. on the net, we cannot imagine how many servers host here websites and the content, Mshah is expert in data center design, implementation, migration and relocation with minimum or no down time.


Be it airports or gas stations, one common thing is the public address system. These systems are used for safety in plants also.

· Video Conference

When the world has become a global village and multinational companies talk to their regional staff on daily basis for discussion and meetings, Mshah can provide best in the industry video conferencing system within the budget.

· Access control

When security has become major concern in recent times access control system plays an important role in office and places where access has to be limited to few people.


We don’t need to explain what CCTV’s can do these from high end cameras to cost effective low definition cameras, Mshah is an expert in video surveillance.

· Audio Visual

When all the world countries governments are spending huge amount of money on education, smart classes, video walls etc. have become common. Mshah can play leading role in this transformation.

· Intrusion Detection

With the help of video analytics intrusion detection has transformed from simple systems to complex systems which can be used in houses and high security areas also.

· Parking Management

With the mall culture and SEZ’s one of the major problem these days is to manage parking with in the premise. Parking system help overcome these problem.

· Voice Recognition, Face Recognition, and License plate Recognition.

This is part of security system and Mshah has vendors who can provide solution based on the requirement