Mshahtech storage security solutions protect stored data across your enterprise in SAN, NAS, and tape environments.

Storage security is the collective processes, tools and technologies that ensure that only authorized and legitimate users store, access and use storage resources. It enables better security of any storage resource through the implementation of required technologies and policies on storage access and consumption and the denial of access to all unidentified and potentially malicious users.

Global enterprises and government customers rely on Mshahtech storage security solutions to protect their data with the strongest security technologies available.

Our storage security solutions help prevent unauthorized modification or disclosure of data stored across your enterprise, supporting your key data security and compliance initiatives. Mshahtech solutions help you address:


Regulatory compliance

Cloud storage

Secure storage consolidation

Multi-tenant solution providers

Secure backup

Intellectual property protection

Secure information sharing


Mshahtech encryption solutions continue to protect your data when it is backed up to disk or tape. Mshah Tech backup security solutions support the best practice of encrypting tape and disk across a heterogeneous enterprise, for backup and disaster recovery storage risk management. Our solutions include AES-256 encryption, authentication, strong access controls and crypto-signed logging.

By encrypting your data before it is ever written to disk or tape, Mshahtech security solutions ensure that only authorized people are able to read data and they protect data against unauthorized access if a disk or tape is lost or stolen.

Once your data is encrypted, it stays encrypted—allowing you to meet disaster recovery and archival requirements without compromising data security.