data sanitization

Data Sanitization Service provides the skilled resources and tools to help your organization address this important but often overlooked security risk. Using specialized software techniques, our service partner will help ensure that data cannot be reconstructed or retrieved from hard disk media in your storage devices.

Service Benefits:

Helps prevent your important information on retired hard disk media from being retrieved by unauthorized parties.
Provides an alternative to physical hardware destruction by providing procedures for removing data from disk media.
Provides data removal verification and acceptance testing.
Helps you comply with the data privacy requirement that media containing sensitive data be overwritten or sanitized prior to recycling, reusing, or disposing of the data storage media.
Provides service delivered.
Provides onsite or offsite data destruction through the use of an appliance and software.
Provides a documented report containing the disk drive model and serial number, level of sanitization performed, and pass/fail status of the disk.
Provides support for major OEM brands of IT equipment.


Log all user queries, Users name, IP’s address, Data time.


Allow the user to see in a chart the number  of queries  that are coming  to the oracle database from certain IP on the network