Q. How to change ‘User Management’ menu Title Or Menu Location

A. Give the Menu Item Type to System Links->external URL. And in the Link field paste this url given belowindex.php?option=com_mshahfrontendusermanager&view=reports&task=providers


Q. After install the component, i could’t see Mshah Frontend usermanagement menu’s

A. There is no need to create menus, the menus are created automatically as soon as you install the component in your default menu.


Q. Account. Is it possible to hide them all super users account in front-end? The Site Admin should add and delete new users but shouldn’t modify (or see) Super Users accounts.

A. This components is to manage users from the frontend and also the super admin can assign ums category to any user in any group(author,register etc.,) who can manage the users from frontend expet he can’t access the super admin user. For example: Create a new user ‘test’ and assign only…