data masking

Dynamic Data Masking

Data Masking is advanced solution that safeguards production sensitive data elements and at the same time keeps database performance unaffected.

Dynamic Data Masking Provides comprehensive tools and fast data protection processes to protect application data from authorized access and comply with Bank privacy stranded and regulatory requirements.

Adopting data masking helps enterprises raise the level of security and privacy assurance against abuses. At the same time, data masking helps enterprises meet compliance requirements with the security and privacy standards recommended by regulating/auditing authorities.

Dynamic Data Functions

DB Engines:

Used to define DDM DB Engines including DB name and connection string.

Allows the user to add new DB Connection including the required parameters such as Host, Alias, Description, Server, IP, Port, DB Name, User Id and Password.

Proxy Definition:

Allow the user to add new proxy with required parameters such as Host, DB Name, Proxy Name, Source Proxy IP and Source Proxy Port.
The proxy server allows the user to lock certain word in the request.


Allow the user to add multi configuration at the sametimes to the DDM system which is assigned to certain masking function to certain column in certain table.
Adding new configuration with the required parameter like Host, DB Name, Schema, DB Tables, DB Columns, Columns Functions and the rest of parameters related to each function


Log all user queries, Users name, IP’s address, Data time.


Allow the user to see in a chart the number  of queries  that are coming  to the oracle database from certain IP on the network